Jason Poston’s – Ultimate Arm Shockwave Workouts

Jason Poston’s – Ultimate Arm Shockwave Workouts


Advanced Techniques & Exercise Executions to Add Inches. These arm Workouts Are All You Need To Stimulate Rapid Arm Growth.

Product Description

  • Scientific Advanced Training Techniques to ‘Shock’ the Muscle Into New Growth
  • Large Cell Swelling & Volumization Protocols
  • Specific Exercise Pairing, Tempo, Sets, Reps & Execution Tips
  • Advanced Joint Angle Manipulation to Recruit New Muscle Fibers & Motor Units
  • Exercise Pairing to Manipulate Strength Curve For Rapid Growth
  • Super sets, Dropsets, Intra-Set Stretching & BFR to Maximize Your Growth Potential.

Item is non refundable and delivered via email in PDF form.