Jason Poston grew up in Grapevine, Tx in a family of 5.

They lived on very little money with only his father working.

Jason went to all schools in Grapevine, Tx graduating in 2000 from Colleyville_Heritage high school. After high school and a debilitating eye disease Jason focused on lifting weights since he didn’t need perfect vision to build his body.

After his eye disease was cured he began a lucrative career in personal training and group fitness.

Jason’s career in the fitness industry grew every year to where he is now. A world known fitness icon inspiring others to overcome obstacles despite diseases and tragedy that may incur.

Jason has trained over 20,000 clients world wide. Jason still competes in the physique division in the IFBB organization and a top contender for the Olympia title.

Jason has multiple businesses in online training and coaching as well as clothing, consulting, real estate and occasional acting jobs but acting is not a passion of his. Jason prefers his works in Youtube, documentaries and reality TV.

Jason in engaged to Sheena Leblanc and resides in Dallas, Texas with 4 dogs.

Jason is a big animal lover in which he has started a charity for service animals for type 1 diabetics and also an activist for pit bull and discriminated animal abuse.

Dallas Trainer off the year, IFBB image award, Diabetic athlete of the year